Please read the following in detail to ensure safe travels for your inclusions.

**Please apply postage and ship inclusions directly to the below address

Mail To: 


2733 N. Power Rd., STE 102, PMB625
Mesa, AZ 85215


For milk, please triple bag preferably in breast milk bags (as they are made to hold liquids).  MAKE SURE TO LABEL your milk or inclusions with your NAME AND ORDER NUMBER.  I suggest mailing in a padded envelope and we recommend you add tracking.  Milk does NOT have to be shipped cold.  I will professionally preserve it once it arrives.   Please declare the package as "liquid"

For other inclusions (ashes, hair, placenta, umbilical, sand, soil, flowers) please double bag and MAKE SURE TO LABEL you inclusions.  

Labeling and Packaging:  Please MAKE SURE TO LABEL Each inclusion separately with your name and order number. Inclusions must be in separate bags (milk triple bagged and others can be in a single bag). Also please insert a piece of paper detailing what inclusions are to be received and list your name and order number once again. These inclusions are very important to me and I want to handle your items very carefully with the most detail and respect.

 NOTE: ONLY MAIL IN SPECIFIED AMOUNTS OF INCLUSIONS REQUIRED PER PIECE AS i AM UNABLE TO SHIP BACK ANY UNUSED PORTION. We never throw anything away, if there is anything left after making your piece it will be filed under your name for future orders.

Inclusion amounts for pieces.
Milk - 1 oz per piece
**Ashes- 1 tsp or less depending on what you are OK parting with
Soil or Sand-1 tsp
Hair- 1 inch lock or less, please bundle by tying a string around the hair.
Fabric- 1 inch square or less
Flowers (dried)- 1 to 2 petals or equivalent steam or foliage per piece (please make sure they are completely dried or they will grow mold in transit)

Umbilical- 1 piece of a stump

Placenta- 1 dried placenta capsule