Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Inclusion?

A. An inclusion is the item you would like us to incorporate into your piece of jewelry such as Breast Milk, Cremation Ashes, Hair, Fabric, Sand, Soil, Teeth, Sea Shells etc.

Q. How much of an inclusion do we need to create you piece?

A. Please visit our “Mailing Your Inclusions” page

Q.  Do we ship worldwide?

A.  Yes!  We ship worldwide.  Just select international shipping at checkout.

Q.  How long does it take to make my jewelry?

A.  Turn around time is approximately 12 - 16 WEEKS depending on time of the year. (for tree of life the specified lead time is only for the stone Maid in the Woods is a seperate artisan and I have no control over her lead times which can be up to 6 weeks.  Your lead time starts as soon as I process your inclusions.


Q.  How do I design my Jewelry?

A.  Once you add any piece to cart it will take you to our easy to use Design Studio which will guide you through the process.  The process only takes a few minutes to customize your piece.


Q.  How do I mail my milk and inclusions?

A.  Please visit our "Mailing Your Inclusions" page


Q.  Does my milk need to be shipped cold?

A.  No I professionally preserve it upon arrival.


Q.  Does my milk have to be fresh or frozen?

A.  Either.  It can be fresh or frozen.  It can be expired, high in lipase, or it can be milk with alcohol in it from a fun night out, even years old still in your freezer.  I can work with ANY breast milk


Q.  How do I know its really my milk or inclusions?

A.  I take great care and pride in creating your handmade keepsakes and always 100% stay true to my values as a business owner and make sure that it is in fact your milk and inclusions.  Your breast milk jewelry will be the same color as the milk you sent me to create it with.  It is after all your "Mama's Milk"


Q.  What kind of inclusions can I add to my jewelry?

A.  Our options are endless.  We regularly work with inclusions such as breast milk, ashes, flowers, encapsulated placenta, umbilical, hair, sand, soil, or fabric like wedding dress or christening gown.  If you have something you would like to try please contact me and I will do my very best to incorporate that inclusion into you MilkMemories Jewelry.


Q.  Will shimmer change the color of my milk?

A.  Yes.  Your milk will take on the color of the shimmer used.  If you want shimmer but want the milk to still be the color of "your" milk please select pearl or white shimmer (or both).  Please only choose one color shimmer for each piece, more than one color will result in a blend of the two colors (if that is what your are going for then you are more than welcome to select as many shimmers as you wish).


Q.  How does ordering my MilkMemories work?

A.  After I receive your order and you have mailed me your inclusions I will then add your name on my orders received page.  Your 12 week turn around time starts when I receive and process your inclusions. Once your order is placed you will immediately receive a confirmation email with your order number, then you will get an email with tracking information once your MilikMemories Jewelry ships!  

**No tracking available for international orders

Q.  How can I cancel my order?

A.  I offer cancellations in the first 24 hours after receiving your order confirmation.  After that there is no refund available as I have already ordered the materials to create your MIlkMemories Jewelry.


Q.  How do I care for my MilkMemories Jewelry?

A.  Just as you would any other precious keepsake.  Do not use any chemicals, or soaps to clean your Jewelry.  Do not get your jewelry wet, this includes showering with your jewelry on.  Do not leave your jewelry in the sun or heat.  If it is left in the sun it may slightly yellow over time.  Most of our pieces are made with sterling silver.  Silver naturally tarnishes over time and can be polished with a soft polishing cloth.  I do not recommend sizing after your piece is complete as it will not withstand the heat.

MilkMemories is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring to your jewelry as a result of improper care and maintenance.


Q.  Why does my piece look different from those on your website?

A.  Each keepsake is handmade and will differ from every piece I create.  Your piece is made with your unique inclusions and therefor can not be recreated.  Every piece is made by hand and can result in seams and or air bubbles from the casting process.  This is normal for handmade jewelry and is not an indication of quality.